The Independent School Group Retirement Plan

Ready to take managing your school's 403(b) retirement plan off your ever-expanding to-do list? PAISBOA Member Schools, Colleges, and Universities, in association with MISBO, now have access to The Independent School Group Retirement Plan, a program designed to address unique needs while offering cost efficiencies, simplified administration, and reduced fiduciary burden. This benefit is offered through Transamerica, in partnership with Cafaro Greenleaf - a OneDigital Company.

What is a 403(b) Multiple Employer Plan (MEP)?

A MEP is a retirement plan for organizations that typically have a common interest but are not commonly owned or affiliated with one another. For schools seeking a cost-effective retirement plan that's easier to administer than a traditional single employer plan, a MEP could be a great option.

MEPs provide a better way for schools, referred to as adopting employers, to pool their collective opportunity and gain efficiencies. The MEP sponsor (MISBO) hosts the plan and master contract, relieving adopting employers of extra responsibilities, allowing them more time to focus on their day-to-day business.

Why Explore the ISGRP?

We are You — membership organizations where you lead, and group purchasing is deeply ingrained in our ethos and mission. The ISGRP is owned and operated by MISBO, PAISBOA, and CalisBoa.

The partners Transamerica and One Digital backing this initiative are experts in group purchasing, ERISA, and retirement benefits.

Comparing different MEP options is integral to fulfilling your fiduciary duty.

Reach out to us!

We invite you to join The Independent School Group Retirement Plan, where you can take advantage of:

  • Reduced board fiduciary obligations and liability
  • Service provider oversight
  • Investment oversight
  • MISBO takes on the annual audit
  • No individual Form 5500 reporting
  • Minimal plan maintenance
  • Customizable plan design options involving eligibility, matches, vesting schedules, and more
  • Potential cost savings
  • Administrative efficiencies

For more information, view our library of information brochures:

Or reach out to your PAISBOA contacts:

Aggie Malter, President & CEO, 484-367-7553 or [email protected]
Rachel TilneyCPSP, Certified Plan Sponsor Professional, Director of Membership and Business Development, 215-435-5000 or [email protected]