PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program

PAISBOA created its current energy purchasing model in 2009 with the initial purchase of natural gas, followed in 2011 by electricity. The PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program is similar to our other Consortia in that the operation is supported by an administrator and a team of expert outside consultants, and supervised by a Steering Committee.

The PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program provides multi-year price certainty and budget stability using professional expertise and volume buying strategies for procurement of natural gas and electricity. The group also has services available to support conservation and “green” initiatives.

Application Required. Included with membership

Objectives and Results
Primary objectives are to achieve price stability and budget certainty for energy, purchased at the best price available for an aggregated group of member schools. The Program has consistently limited price increases or lowered costs during its existence.

To Join the PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program
Member schools can enter the program at any time and will be synced with the timing of the group, after due consideration to existing contracts already in place.

A school must provide:

  • A fully executed Aggregation Agreement Application with completed exhibits
  • Copies of bills for one month of each meter
  • A blank sales tax exemption certificate for your state, if applicable
  • Contact Rachel Tilney at [email protected] or 215-435-5000

Additional Benefits

  • Reduce energy costs through a variety of conservation, collective purchasing, and "green" energy alternatives
  • Provide annual budget reports, enabling schools to project anticipated energy costs and measure the results of the program
  • Facilitate the savings of both time and money. No need to take cold-calls or research for best price, or risk the financial consequences of “slamming” which has been characterized in the industry.
  • All vendors are thoroughly screened and vetted

Energy Purchasing Vendor Directory -- Click Here