Long-Term Growth and Sustainability are Goals of Annual Board Retreat

The PAISBOA Board of Directors held a Leadership Retreat on August 3 at LaSalle College High School, facilitated by Sue Petrocelli of North Wind Leadership Partners, in order to build organizational capacity and success. Objectives for the retreat included: identifying PAISBOA's positive core; imagining what PAISBOA might do if resources were unlimited; exploring potential opportunities; assessing imminent / future threats; determining the Board's aspirations for PAISBOA; and creating a plan of action towards those goals.

(L-R) Gail Crane, Carol Beaton, and Hal Davidow work on a team exercise. 
Through a variety of individual, small group and whole group exercises, the Board defined PAISBOA using one word:
  • Collaborative - share best practices, information, ideas, learning, relating
  • Collective - synergy of the group
  • Tribe - hands on, engaged, passionate, loyal
  • Supportive - got your back, safe zone, no bad questions, welcoming
  • Cooperative - always there for you
The group focused on membership engagement from the perspective of those who are involved in all PAISBOA activities as well as for those members who are less involved but still participate in some of the consortia.
Board members reflected on the mission and strategic goals of PAISBOA and discussed how to enhance the relevance and value of PAISBOA to its member schools and business officers. The group concluded that PAISBOA should continue to stimulate and sustain a passion for providing services and opportunities to empower business officers to excel.
Through intense discussion and hard work, the Board identified one primary goal - To enhance the value and experience of PAISBOA membership, resulting in association growth and long-term sustainability.  To that end, the Executive Director and the staff will be planning a listening tour to hear more from members about how we can accomplish that goal.
Stay tuned for an opportunity to bring PAISBOA to your school, and how you can be a part of setting the course for PAISBOA!!!