Change and Influencers

July 20, 2018

Change and Influencers

Change is inevitable! Every year on July 1, many of our schools and universities experience changes in leadership and changes in personnel throughout their communities. While change can be necessary, exciting, and transformative, it can also be unsettling, challenging, and operational. New leaders and colleagues guarantee a shift in the status quo. So, how can new leaders and colleagues navigate their new workplace, and how do current leaders and colleagues create an onboarding experience that gets these new folks off to a good start?

When entering a new community, a person only has one chance to make a first impression, and new leaders and colleagues have an opportunity impact their new workplace right from the start. Embracing the 9 Core Behaviors of People Who Positively Impact the World can help you be the “maker, shaker, or disruptor” in “powerful and constructive ways.”

On the flip side, the way in which the current team onboards new leaders and colleagues is equally important. As business officers and HR professionals, you have likely become “influencers” in your school or university communities, and as such, you have developed skills that will enable you to successfully onboard new members of the team. Here are some reminders about how you can launch new employees using 7 Ways to Build Influence in the Workplace:

  1. Build trust with co-workers
  2. Cultivate reliability through consistency
  3. Be assertive not aggressive
  4. Be flexible
  5. Be personal
  6. Focus on actions rather than the argument
  7. Listen to others

As influencers, you know the importance of excellent communication and building a strong team. In the past two years, PAISBOA has focused on communication, using the Laws of the Grapevine, and on performance management by highlighting the importance of strategic recruitment, talent acquisition and retention, and employee engagement. This year, we will examine, “How Healthy is Your School?” with Scott Barron from School Growth, Inc. Look for more details in the next Friday Flyer on August 17.

Before then, we hope to see you at the New Business Officers/HR Breakfast on August 1 and the first PAISBOA Summer Barbecue sponsored by Carroll Consultants on August 8. We are fortunate to be a regional association that can gather in person, regularly, to reinforce the bonds of friendship and extend a hand to the new members.

Please join me in a warm PAISBOA welcome to these new business officers:
Christopher Dwyer, The Baldwin School
Gail Crane, Gwynedd Friends School
Ralph Ferrara, Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart
Liyan Shen, Quaker School at Horsham

Take advantage of the power of the flock…


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