2018 Annual Meeting Program Highlights

May 18, 2018

Continuing our coverage of the PAISBOA Annual Meeting on April 26, we want to highlight the programs and speakers from the day.  PAISBOA is fortunate to have excellent resources for professional presenters on wide variety of topics within the membership of the association. We not only have experts within our member schools; we have knowledgeable vendor partners who are most willing to share their skill, information, and data to empower business officers to excel.

Dr. Marisa Porges, Head of The Baldwin School, presented a general session for all participants titled: SCHOOL SAFETY AND SECURITY: STRATEGIES.  One of the main responsibilities of our schools is to create and maintain a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors. Dr. Porges shared best practices that independent school leaders should consider to ensure campus safety and security, while maintaining a welcoming environment for community members.

What makes Dr. Porges such an interesting speaker is that not only is she is the first alumna to serve as Head of School, but before joining Baldwin in Summer 2016, she was a leading national security expert. Most recently, she worked at the White House as
 a senior policy advisor and White House Fellow at the National Economic Council, handling cybersecurity and technology policy. She also served as a counterterrorism policy advisor in both the Obama and Bush Administrations, at the Departments of Defense and the Treasury. Her perspective on school safety and security is unique, and focused on the strategic decision-making process around safe schools as well as tactical measures that balance the safety and security of students with the culture of a school.  We hope to continue the conversation with Dr. Porges in the months to come as we explore school safety and security from other vantage points.

Switching gears, we heard from Miriam Fisher Schaefer of Friends’ Central School, Mark Cardone of ConnectOne Bank, and Joe Bosch and Dan Froehlich of Janney Montgomery Scott regarding DEBT FINANCING FOR INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS.  In answering the question, “How do independent schools finance their debt in today’s economy?” the panelists gave an overview of the process, then presented a case study on how ConnectOne and Janney worked with Friends’ Central School to refinance their Series 2002 Bonds, covering capital project costs incurred on the Lower School Campus and financing the cost for renovations to the School’s Middle and Upper School Campus.

This interactive session provided participants the opportunity to ask questions specifically about their own projects while using Miriam’s experience with ConnectOne Bank and Janney Montgomery Scott as a backdrop for what is possible in financing capital projects.  The panel also gave the group a primer in the roles and process in securing debt financing for school capital projects that was appropriate for both novice and veteran business officers.  This team of experts has already agreed to share this program again as a webinar for all PAISBOA members—look for our professional development program schedule in the August edition of the FridayFlyer!

HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR SCHOOL? was the question that Scott Barron of School Growth, Inc. started to answer for participants in the other breakout session.  Scott asserts that the answer to this question is critical! Sustained organizational health is unquestionably one of the
 most powerful assets a school can build.

From extensive research, we have the means to assess it, the tools to develop it, and an understanding of the disciplines required to cultivate it. Competitive advantage today isn’t won by the “best school.” A school that has the organizational health to reinvent itself to sustain enrollment and excellence will always win. Participants in this workshop will be guided through a preliminary assessment of school health and some best practices that will improve it.

Scott’s work as the chief administrator of three Independent Schools included restructuring the organizational and financial model for each institution, creating an engaged network with board leaders, administrators, faculty, parents, funders, and community stakeholders to achieve substantial growth goals. Having worked with thousands of schools around the world over the last decade, he created the School Growth Design Framework for understanding the complexities of school organizations and to establish a common language for designing and improving them.

Scott has presented The Laws of the Grapevine, The Consultative Business Officer, and two other workshops on talent acquisition and performance management for PAISBOA in the last two years.  We are working with him on a series of presentations in the 2018-2019 academic year on school and organizational health for our member schools and universities.

Thank you, Dr. Marisa Porges, Miriam Fisher Schaefer, Mark Cardone, Joe Bosch, Dan Froehlich, and Scott Barron!  Your generosity enabled us to offer quality programming to our members, and we appreciate your expertise and your willingness to share!

PAISBOA is fortunate to have local experts, home-grown talent, and engaged vendor partners to support our member schools and universities as they grow in their professional practice.  If you have ideas for programs that you would like to present or that you would like to see PAISBOA offer next year, please contact me.  We want to hear from you!!!

Take advantage of the power of the flock!

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