Canteen Joins PAISBOA Purchasing Consortium as Newest Preferred Vendor

PAISBOA is pleased to announce a partnership with our newest PAISBOA Preferred Vendor, Canteen. Canteen offers service across multiple lines of business, including micro-markets, traditional vending, specialty coffee, pantry services, and culinary. As the largest unattended retail provider in the U.S., Canteen leverages design expertise, consumer insights, and the latest in product and equipment innovation to help your school create a better workplace and connect your students, faculty, and staff. Whether you’re looking for great coffee to kick-start the morning, grab a quick meal, or indulge in your favorite snack, Canteen covers it all with convenience and great service.

“It’s essential to continually evolve and offer innovative snack and beverage solutions, said Eric Zeoli, Canteen’s dedicated vendor rep for PAISBOA schools. “Our customized, on-site marketplaces, vending machines, and coffee services do just that by providing high-quality offerings, 24/7. We’re passionate about purposeful innovation that elevates product offerings and creates experiences guests love. We know speed, convenience and flexibility are all qualities that matter, driving us to search for the latest and greatest in technology, wellness offerings and trend-forward products.” 

Canteen offers service across multiple lines of business, including micro-markets, traditional vending, specialty coffee, pantry services, and culinary. “Our goal is to provide the food you want when you want it through your preferred method of payment and delivery—a concept we call food without friction” said Zeoli.

“We have led our industry for 90+ years and are the only truly national service provider with over 225 distribution locations across 48 states,” he added.

Sustainable Practices

Canteen is committed to doing the right thing for planet and people. Sustainability is part of their overarching strategy, and truly a journey that they are on for the long-term.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: What sets Canteen apart is that their “Global Road Map to Net Zero” is built on a foundation of approved science-based targets, a commitment to carbon neutrality in their operations by 2030 and a commitment to reach climate net zero by 2050. “We will work to achieve these targets through a variety of ways,” said Zeoli.

  • Canteen warehouses are optimizing energy efficiency and opting for renewable energy packages where available
  • We promote a circular economy by enhancing recycling rates, optimizing ordering and forecasting systems to prevent food waste, and diverting as much of what remains from the landfill. We also partner with Feeding America to divert food to communities in need whenever possible.

Responsible Sourcing: Canteen leads the industry in responsible sourcing and is committed to continuous improvement of our socially responsible sourcing practices in alignment with industry-accepted certifications and standards. In 2022:

  • 97% of milk and 95% of our yogurt was rBGH-free
  • 90% of our eggs were cage-free
  • 24% of coffee was certified through one of the following industry-accepted ethical and sustainable production standards: Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and CAFE Practices

Key Contact:
Eric Zeoli
Regional Sales Director
[email protected]