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The PAISBOA Office Hours - Developing a Culture of Coaching with Lukie Wells

Wednesday, May 22 - Part One
Wednesday, June 12
- Part Two
1:00 pm

In today’s independent schools, there are a great many pressures coming at CFOs, business managers, HR professionals, bookkeepers and other members of the business operations team. Whether there are not enough resources, or people feel they are not well represented in their need to be successful with money, benefits, funding or even time away, those in business and operations are being pressured to engage in negotiations, create accommodations or just change a policy to suit an employee. Staying grounded with policies and practices can be challenging when they are perceived to be unfair. Helping people to understand and be seen and heard can go a long way to reducing stress.

PAISBOA is here to help, so please join us as The PAISBOA Office Hour presents Developing a Culture of Coaching, on Wednesday, May 22 and Wednesday, June 12. Both programs will begin at 1:00 pm.

In this two-part series, Lucretia “Lukie” Wells of Design Group International will be sharing specific skills on how to develop your own coaching capacity. Whether you are in a difficult conversation, unpacking a situation with a direct report or helping a community member understand a decision, asking open-ended questions, listening, and reflecting back what you are hearing are paramount skills to help foster open and forward-thinking conversations.

In Part One, Lukie will focus on the self as coach: how to ask the right questions for dialogue, how to listen to what is being said and not said, and how to reflect what you are hearing without judgement. Engaging in a difficult conversation can lead us to think we must tell rather than teach for understanding. Explaining a decision that is unpopular can have the listener shut down and feel as though they are not being seen or heard. And, finally, relaying back what you have heard helps people to both see you are listening to them and hear what your understanding is of what they have communicated.

In Part Two, the focus is on developing a culture of coaching among your team. Whether you are brainstorming in a meeting, sharing updates or setting policies, the capacity to model and make room for asking open-ended questions, listening, and reflecting back what you are hearing as a team can help with efficiencies and greater ownership of information and policies.

These sessions will help you develop more effective strategies as a leader to ask questions, listen, and reflect, as well as understand how to translate these skills to your team. So don’t miss these important programs. Register TODAY by clicking the buttons below.

Please join us on the third Wednesday of every month at 1:00 pm. Each edition will feature a guest speaker or presentation addressing some of the timely topics that come across your desk. We'll still leave time at the end of each program for our usual Open Forum, where you're welcome to ask questions or talk about whatever's going on at your school or university. Don't miss this opportunity to network with your colleagues and pick up some good information!

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Introduction to ATLIS

Wednesday, May 21
Time: 2:00 pm

PAISBOA and the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) are pleased to announce a new partnership to bring important technology Professional Development and resources to PAISBOA members. 

PAISBOA will host an introductory webinar on Wednesday, May 21 at 2:00 pm. Please join us as ATLIS executive director Christina Lewellen and membership director Kelsea Watson present an overview of the association and how PAISBOA members can access these important technology resources.

ATLIS is a growing association of independent schools dedicated to empowering those schools to thrive through technology leadership. They support all aspects of technology at schools, ensuring that they are equipped for the future.

Through this new partnership, PAISBOA members will be able to access ATLIS webinars and other important resources for free or at discounted rates. Your school does not have to be an ATLIS member to take advantage of ATLIS resources.

Technology staff at our member schools and universities are more than welcome to join us!


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