Winding Down 2018 and Looking Ahead to 2019

December 20, 2018

As we wind down 2018, and perhaps take a breath over the winter holiday break, there are some big ideas headed our way in 2019. Isabel Roughol and Laura Lorenzetti Soper from LinkedIn gathered business leaders, authors, journalists and academics to give their 2019 predictions. In 50 Big Ideas for 2019: What to Watch in the Year Ahead, experts foresee a shaky economy, a troubled world order and continued anxiety — but also a renewed focus on caring for ourselves, for each other and for doing the right thing.

As independent school leaders, here are some trends that are worth watching:

  1. Gen Z will outnumber Millennials in the workforce – Born after 1997, “They are all very different people, but as a group I experience them as curious, hopeful, always learning, painfully attuned to the suffering in the world, and anxious to do something about it.”
  2. World growth is much more likely to slow down in 2019, and it really looks like 2020 could be the year of a global recession”
  3. What will matter at work is your humanity. LinkedIn data shows the fastest-growing skills gaps — the difference between what employers seek and what workers bring to the table — are related to soft skills: oral communication tops the list, followed by people management, time management or leadership.
  4. Companies will speed up diversifying their workforce — or will be made to. Now’s the time employers humble themselves and ask for help, “They’ll be recruiting with a different mindset, not looking to check every item off a list.” That’s driven by two factors: short term, the labor market is tight and talent at a premium. Long term, “by 2040, the majority of people in the U.S. will be people of color”
  5. Apple's move to make medical records available on the iPhone is likely to be the first domino in a move to democratize access to, and control of, patients’ health data.
  6. Financial options will catch up to the modern worker. Emerging technologies as well as socio-demographic changes are going to cause a shift in financial service needs and demands.
  7. Learning isn’t enough; professionals will focus on doing. The next trend is to focus on improving our behavior, not just our expertise, in order to apply these lessons to our work and personal lives.
  8. We will stop living an Insta life. “Social media has played such a big part in pressuring us to show up in a certain way. People are looking to reconnect with who they are, go back to the basics.”

And speaking of back to basics, PAISBOA will continue to focus on our core values – transparency, integrity, and loyalty. You can expect this from us, and we expect this from our members and our vendor partners.

PAISBOA is committed to achieving leveraged strength through group purchasing, professional development and best practices for the Business Office. Comprised primarily of a volunteer team of Business Officers working for the common good of all members, PAISBOA’s mission is to stimulate and sustain a passion for providing services and opportunities to empower Business Officers to excel. Our purpose is to create savings in both time and money while providing useful resources and expanded knowledge to our members.

In 2019, PAISBOA continues to bring value to the membership with new programs and opportunities that support the Business Office of today, with emphasis on the increasingly complex portfolio of independent school and university business officers and their teams.

Here is what you can expect from your renewed membership for 2019, in addition to all the benefits you already associate with PAISBOA:

  • All-inclusive dues structure for membership, now including the PAISBOA Purchasing Consortium for Goods and Services. All members now have access to our best-in-class vendor partners with special pricing and dedicated customer service.
  • More and better professional development experiences in-person and via webinar, including:
    • HR Day 2 with Fisher and Phillips—stay tuned for more information!
    • Webinar series with Armanino for all your accounting and tax needs. Join us Wednesday, January 30 for the first installment.
    • Lodestone Training for Chaperones of School Trips (Domestic and International) – Friday, February 15 – space is limited!
  • Researching a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) for a shared 403(b) program for member schools who wish to participate to ensure compliance with fiduciary requirements.

The PAISBOA Purchasing Consortium began operations in 1998 with the commitment of 30 schools interested in achieving savings through collective purchasing. Over the years, the Consortium has grown and, beginning in 2019, now includes all PAISBOA member schools and universities as a benefit of membershipship. With the buying power of over 175 schools, the Purchasing Consortium is a significant account for our vendor partners. The success of the consortium is due to the shared commitment by member schools to pool their buying power to achieve benefits of quality, service and price.

As the job of the business officer becomes more complex and the portfolio of the business officers continues to expand, PAISBOA stands ready to explore all the big ideas with you in 2019. Your membership in PAISBOA and your participation in our consortia and programs are a first step in getting ahead of the trends that will affect the independent school sector.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of PAISBOA and PAISBOA Services Corporation, Rachel, Ron, Sara, and I wish you a joyous holiday season filled with family and friends, and a happy, healthy new year!!!

Take advantage of the power of the flock…

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