Gratitude is Good!!!

November 16, 2018

There are two things that businesses -- or in our case, independent schools and universities -- can’t have enough of: revenue, for obvious reasons, and gratitude. We often fail to appreciate our current students and families, and reward high-performing employees by piling on more tasks and responsibilities. Why is gratitude as important as revenue, and what causes this “failure to appreciate?”

  1. Focus on the new – new always seems more interesting than ones we already have
  2. Busy and Rushing – seems like we don’t have time for the small things like “thank you”
  3. Lack of prioritization – gratitude seems to be the last item on our checklist
  4. Fear of creating new demands – the notion that employees who are appreciated will ask for more money
  5. Feeling uncomfortable – when you never receive appreciation, you might not know how to show appreciation to others

Expressing gratitude is good for business and people. When receiving feedback, we feel the negative with three times the strength we feel the positive. As a culture, we give 10 times more negative than positive feedback. As Camille Preston tells us, “we need 3:1 and we are getting 1:10.” It's no wonder so many are unfulfilled in their work!

How can you turn your school or university around?

  • Catch people doing things right rather than wrong
  • Express your gratitude and don’t wait until there is a crisis to do so
  • Make expressing gratitude a regular part of your role as a leader

As the host of my family’s Thanksgiving Three-Day Eat-a-thon, I want to pause a moment to express my gratitude for them and for all of you. I am thankful that my family can be together to celebrate Thanksgiving with traditions that keep evolving as we shift the responsibilities of holiday preparations from the greatest generation to the baby boomers, and now including some millennials with their own babies!!!

I am also thankful for my work with all of you through PAISBOA. It is my privilege to support volunteer Boards of Directors who truly believe that “all for one and one for all” is not a throwaway line but words to live by in their work on behalf of all our member schools. We are fortunate to have leaders like Mark Gibbons, Carolyn Hapeman, Lisa Carbone Warren, Tom Devine, Joe Van Bernum, Mark Murray, Steve Feld, Martha Scache, Tom Taft, Don Kates, and all the members of the Boards of PAISBOA, PAISBOA Services Corporation, and PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust, who give an extraordinary number of hours beyond their regular work day to ensure PAISBOA is an association you can trust to save you time and money for your schools, and keep you current on all of the wide and varied responsibilities in your business officer portfolio.

We appreciate all our vendor partners who support our schools and universities through our consortia for health care, business insurance, and the many goods and services we offer through the Purchasing Consortium. Their expertise and support of PAISBOA’s mission to “stimulate and sustain a passion for providing services and opportunities to empower Business Officers to excel” is important for keeping our constituents prepared for today and tomorrow.

Finally, it is a joy to work every day with the PAISBOA team – Ron, Sara, Rachel, Joan, and Patrick. No one works harder on your behalf than these dedicated professionals. Each one brings a unique set of talents to the team, and together we are a force of nature!!!

We look forward to seeing all of you at the SchoolDoc Webinar on November 28, the Data Survey Webinar on December 5, and the PAISBOA HBT General Membership Meeting and HR Day on Friday, December 7.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude to someone today—they will appreciate you as much as you appreciate them!!!

Take advantage of the power of the flock…

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