PAISBOA Honors its Own!

May 4, 2018

Last week at our Annual Meeting, we had the opportunity to honor two of our own – one volunteer, and one of the founders of the organization that has become PAISBOA — both trailblazers in their own way. Both of these individuals deserve our recognition for their many accomplishments, and by doing so, the membership was able share in the history of the association and understand through these exemplars how one can live the core values of integrity, transparency and loyalty and our mantra of “all for one and one for all” in their own lives.

As a Board Member, Business Officer, and advocate for children with special needs, Gail Crane exemplifies the many qualities which make her the perfect candidate for PAISBOA’s highest honor, the John Batley Award. In June 2018, Gail will complete her 28th year of service as a Business Officer for three Independent Schools: Greene Street Friends School, Hill Top Preparatory School, and most recently, The Quaker School at Horsham. During this time, she also served two separate terms totaling 8 years as a Board Member of PAISBOA, and for the last 4 years she has also served as a member of the Purchasing Consortium Steering Committee.

Carol Lerner of the Philadelphia School had this to say about Gail in her nomination letter, Ever the champion for small schools, Gail has been a devoted PAISBOA contributor and Board Member ever since I have been involved in the organization.

A tribute to Gail’s enduring spirit and commitment, Ruth Joray, who was the Head of School at the Quaker School at Horsham from 2005-2015, shared, I am so pleased that Gail is being honored by PAISBOA. No One could deserve it more! Talk about a work ethic – that’s Gail. Talk about ethical work - that’s Gail.

The Board of Directors of PAISBOA presented the Visionary Award to Al Greenough in recognition of his loyalty, initiative, and passionate leadership as the First Executive Director of PAISBOA, and the Founder of the Purchasing Consortium. Like the two previous Visionary Award recipients, Bob Mueller and John Batley, Al Greenough was instrumental in the creation of PAISBOA and dedicated much of his professional life to the success of the association, ensuring growth and sustainability for all member schools and universities. We are indebted to Al for his hard work, perseverance, and integrity. His warmth and sense of humor enabled him to connect with members, vendors, and partners in every aspect of his work on behalf of PAISBOA.

Here are some of the tributes to Al:

From the moment I met you, I knew I had someone "in my corner." Always just a phone call or email away, you have been a tremendous resource to me ever since I arrived in Pennsylvania.  Thank you for all you have done for me, for our schools, and for our organization -- PAISBOA! And remember ... no matter where retirement takes you, you will always be a member of our flock.  Carolyn Hapeman, Westtown School

Al has always been accommodating while never making you feel like your questions and needs are an inconvenience. Al has been an advocate for the small school among the weight of attempting to meet the much more complex needs of larger schools. He has always had his eye on the entire membership of PAISBOA, not always the easiest thing, but invaluable. Carol Beaton, Westfield Friends School

Al was one of the first people that I encountered in my journey into the Independent School world. His grace, gentlemanly manner and wisdom were instrumental in allowing for a smooth transition into this wonderful world. Every interaction with Al would re-enforce these qualities and reveal new qualities possessed by this amazing man. Al always approached each interaction with a smile, and his kind encouragement left one looking forward to the next encounter with him. Al’s business sense and forward thinking vision benefited the PAISBOA world in so many ways. The operational and financial efficiencies that Al contributed to our group could be measured in the millions. Al’s impact on people has been priceless. It is with great appreciation, and a bit of sadness that we wish Al great happiness in his retirement. Al, thank you for ALL that you have done for so many. All the best to you.  Mark W. Murray, Montgomery School

Do you see yourself in the work and dedication of Gail and Al? Do you subscribe to the core values of integrity, transparency and loyalty? Do you believe in the “all for one, one for all” motto? If so, we want you to get involved in PAISBOA!!!

In his welcome to the membership at the Annual Meeting, Mark Gibbons, Chair of PAISBOA, exclaimed, “Because PAISBOA is comprised of a volunteer team of Business Officers working for the common good of all members, we need you to get involved! Come out to meetings, participate in professional development programs, log on to webinars, and join the conversations on our listservs. More importantly, participate in our consortia! Your participation in the consortia directly impacts the association’s ability to keep costs contained and dues increases to a minimum.”

Bottom line — PAISBOA needs to identify the next Gail Crane and Al Greenough to keep the association strong and vibrant — Could that be you?

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