Member Engagement and The Future of PAISBOA

March 23, 2018

A few months ago, we sent you a Member Engagement Survey in order to find out why your membership in PAISBOA is important to you and how we can improve our member services to you.  To be an effective member-driven association, it is important to know what we are doing well, what types of programs are interesting to members, where we need to improve, but most importantly, are we providing value for your time and money?

Here is what you told us:

Most of you cite Community as the most important reason that most of you continue to be involved in PAISBOA – “I love the community that is built through PAISBOA as well as the amount of professional development and resources available to us.” “Camaraderie - although we compete in some cases we all seem willing to share knowledge.” “Of the associations our school is a member of, PAISBOA by far is the most rewarding and beneficial.” 

Relationships with other Business Office professionals and the many Professional Development programs keep you coming back to our in-person programs and e-lists – “I like the professional development/education programs offered by PAISBOA, but even more importantly I like the collegiality and camaraderie of the business officers. Additionally, I value how PAISBOA's leadership stays on the 'cutting edge' of education and school management processes.”  “The business manager listserv allows me access to the collective wisdom of an extremely talented and generous group of individuals in my specific field.”

Consortia Purchasing (Healthcare, Business Insurance, Goods & Services, Energy) and the PAISBOA Annual Survey are also highly valued by members.

Here are some areas you would like to see us address:

“The lack of involvement from member schools.”

“I have yet to hear a clear articulation of what purposes PAISBOA serves that are not served by other associations. I think there are purposes that PAISBOA is better positioned to meet.”

Some members cited difficulty coming out to in-person events and would like to see us move some events to different areas, especially New Jersey - “Most of the meetings and professional development opportunities are held in the suburbs. Instead of being out for a few hours, if I attend something it generally means sacrificing an entire day out of the office.  As I am a single person office, that can set me back quite a bit.” 

Professional development opportunities need to start at 8 am or a 10 am seminar needs to be 2 hours max. Ideally it would start at 8 am and be 2 hours max.  Maybe it's just me but I have no patience for long meetings.”

Consortium deals should be limited to vendors offering largely undifferentiated goods & services. In other areas, PAISBOA can expose Business Officers to service providers but should not seek to establish deals with them.”

“No access to survey data for Higher Ed/Universities/Colleges”

“…so dominated by large school problems and thinking.”

When prompted about the annual meeting, one member said, “Let's talk about our organization and let everyone know how they can better take advantage of Consortia and Affinity Groups. We are paying for these in our dues and should make better use of what is available to us.”

PAISBOA schools place a high value on their key member benefits such as Access to Consortia, TeachPhiladelphia and Jobs Clearinghouse, Professional Development Programming, Wednesday Webinars, Annual Meetings, Networking Opportunities with other Business Officers, Volunteer Opportunities, PAISBOA Annual Data Survey, HR Support Services with Fisher & Phillips, Business Services Agreements.  You are also interested in and would pay additional fees for an Enhanced Job Board with access to national recruiting services, featured jobs, etc., Multi-day annual meeting with a more detailed and robust educational program, Multi-day professional development programs, Multi-day new business officer programs.  You also indicated that would like us to look into A/P Processing, HRIS, Document Scanning and Storage for your schools.

Thank you for taking time out of your incredibly busy schedules to share your candid thoughts about PAISBOA.  The Board of Directors and the Staff have reviewed the raw data and have already begun to formulate plans to incorporate your feedback into our services, programming, and operations. We will continue to report back to you as we proceed, and in the meantime, please plan to join us at our Annual Meeting on April 26 at Springfield Country Club.  In addition to our annual business meeting where we elect new board members and officers, we will provide professional development programming, time with our vendor partners, present the John Batley Award, and enjoy the company of other business officers.

Please ensure the future of PAISBOA by attending the Annual Meeting, nominating a Board Member, and nominating a John Batley Award recipient.  PAISBOA’s success depends on dedicated volunteers like you who understand and live our core values of integrity, transparency and loyalty.

Take advantage of the power of the flock…

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