It's Just Football

February 9, 2018

The Malters are a sports-loving family! Last spring, I received a call from a friend who offered me two Philadelphia Eagles season tickets for the 2017-2018 season, so without hesitation I grabbed them. My husband was celebrating a big birthday, and being a diehard Eagles fan I knew this was the perfect gift for him — best wife ever --- right??? Little did I know that these tickets would bring our family so much joy — aside from seeing the Eagles play some amazing football and reconnecting with each other every weekend around the game, we were reminded of some important lessons along the way.

After that incredible victory, Nick Foles shared a message he received from Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, just before the Super Bowl, “A lot of the messages I'll keep to myself, but the big thing was going into this game, he reminded me that it's just football. There's a lot going on, pre-game, a longer pre-game, a big half-time show, but at the end of the day when you're out there, the game will settle down, and it'll just be football."

At the end of the day, “it’s just football” helped Nick Foles put things into perspective and just “settle down” and get the job done. Great advice for Nick and for all of us. Putting events and situations in the proper perspective brings clarity and calm. Most of us will never have to perform on the world stage, but even in our daily lives and our careers, we are called upon to lead in some way. Remembering “it’s just…” is hard when you are caught up in the emotion of whatever the big event or situation, but here are some suggestions from Scott Mautz:

  1. Create muscle memory – preparation is the key – rehearsal, repetition, background work enable muscle memory to kick in even when stress is running high.
  2. Find your anchor – family, friends, values, whatever works for you – no matter the outcome, these won’t change.
  3. Come from a place of service – it is not about you, it is about others.

The other important message from Foles came in his post-game interview, "I think the big thing is, don't be afraid to fail. In our society today, you know, Instagram, Twitter, it's a highlight reel. It's all the good things," Foles said. "And then when you look at it, you think, like, wow, when you have a rough day or your life's not as good as that, you're failing."

"Failure is a part of life. That's a part of building character and growing. Like without failure, who would you be? I wouldn't be up here if I hadn't fallen thousands of times, made mistakes. We all are human, we all have weaknesses."

According to Simon Casuto of eLearning Mind, your brain actually expands on failure. He asserts, “Making mistakes matures the brain, resulting in more efficient synapses and fundamentally altered neurons. In short, failure can actually make you smarter. “ As leaders, it is important to “give employees the confidence to try new things and not feel bad when it doesn’t work out one time” and may result in increased “innovation and deeper employee happiness through encouraged creativity.”

Casuto recommends:

  1. Lead by example – leaders should try new solutions and encourage others to do the same.
  2. Encourage transparency – communication up, down and sideways is key.
  3. Encourage “fast failure” – try something new in a “skeleton” form before a full rollout
  4. Create simulations – help people to practice new skills in a safe space using real world settings

Speaking of safe space, on Thursday, March 1, PAISBOA is going to host a special day for ALL our members. First, we will hear from John Gilliland, Jeff Markovitz, and Ralph Henninger from FEEC, and a couple of our vendor partners, as they discuss A Pathway to EITC Dollars. Then Scott Barron from School Growth will be back with us to continue our conversation on performance management with Mission-Driven Hiring. Please join us for these exciting programs aimed at giving you the anchors you need to succeed. The program begins at 9 a.m. To register, please CLICK HERE.

Thanks to Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles for reminding us that hard work and dedication really do pay off, and that it is ok to try something new like the “Philly Special” even when the stakes are high!


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