Data-Driven Talent Recruiting, Selection, and Evaluation

January 26, 2018

In anticipation of hiring season, we continue our conversation related to performance management with Scott Barron of School Growth for Data Driven Talent Recruiting, Selection, and Evaluation on February 8, 2018.

Scott will discuss how independent school administrators and board members are beginning to prioritize human resources and talent capital as the critical path to achieving sustainability and growth goals. With higher parent expectations for faculty quality and engagement, strategic improvements in core HR functions are necessary to deliver greater value. This requires building the school’s leadership capacity and continuous improvement around talent recruiting and development.  Driven by intense competition, this idea of “people analytics” is trending in all businesses and industries.

People Analytics”—reflects the use of people-related data to improve and inform all types of management, business, and HR decisions throughout the company. The focus areas vary based on industry and specific business issues.

In the article in Deloitte Insights, the authors share some “lessons from the front lines”:

  • Stay focused on business priorities - know the priorities of the head of school
  • Build a single people analytics team - integrate disparate analytics efforts like employee engagement, recruitment analytics, learning analytics, compensation analytics, and workforce planning
  • Build a team that can consult –  people who can apply the findings to real interventions or management changes
  • Leverage analytics skills outside HR – like IT, marketing, advancement
  • Join an external, industry-­specific people analytics working group
  • Explore new technologies
  • Invest in cleaning data – the highest value in analytics comes when you are running an integrated, valid, reliable database
  • Focus on security, privacy, and anonymity

In addition to Scott’s presentation in two weeks, we have another conference that will support your talent acquisition, retention, and performance development efforts.  PAISBOA, ADVIS and SEPCHE have joined forces to present: Building Independent School-University Partnerships for Better Teaching and Learning at Immaculata University on March 13. 

This first gathering of independent school and university educators aims to create a foundation for ongoing collaborations that:

  • Builds a regional professional learning community improving teaching and learning;
  • Creates a larger, local pool of teacher/administrator candidates for independent schools;
  • Exposes teacher candidates to independent school education through practicums and other preparatory programs;
  • Increases university enrollment from independent school teachers interested in enhancing their careers in education and/or administration.

These are just a couple of ways that PAISBOA is supporting schools and universities in their hiring efforts.  You also might want to explore PAISBOA’s relationship with Predictive Index as you think about how your school might begin to use “people analytics.”

We hope you will join your colleagues in independent schools and higher education as we explore these topics together.

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