PAISBOA Announces New Agreement with FACTS

PAISBOA is delighted to announce our latest agreement… with FACTS! FACTS proudly offers the most robust tuition management, financial aid assessment, and SIS solutions on the market. FACTS’ unified financial and school administration systems help free up time for Business Managers to focus on other educational initiatives. The integrated systems also allow families to keep up with their students tuition and academic progress simply and securely – with one login.

Topher Russo (right) is your NEW dedicated vendor contact. Topher, who is familiar to many of our members, is Senior Vice President at FACTS. Topher can be reached at 410-940-9505 or [email protected].



Core Features of FACTS:

  • Flexible payment options for families and schools with custom payment plans, incidental fee billing, prepaid accounts, and multiple payment methods including credit and debit cards, ACH, and invoice.
  • Secure and compliant system for processing payments (SSAE 18 audited, PCI DSS Level 1 validated) with transparent audit trails for your school and families.
  • Financial aid assessment with custom application questions and allocation formulas to help schools make confident award decisions.
  • Increased affordability and convenience for families with easy payment plan sign-up, mobile account maintenance, and one-click Spanish translation.
  • SIS allows schools to streamline admissions, achieve early enrollment, track academic information like grades, attendance and schedules, and improves communication with families.
  • Families can simultaneously enroll for school and establish a payment plan, and can access all financial and academic information in one place.

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