2020 PAISBOA Annual Data Survey Coming Later This Summer!

We are pleased to announce that the 2020 PAISBOA Annual Data Survey is in the process of being readied for launch, with updates based on feedback from our users. You can expect to see updated drop-down menus for vendors and providers as well as increased text fields to input information not included in those menus. You will also notice that data input in the Admissions section will now be required. Universities may also participate with the click of a button!
The 2019 PAISBOA Annual Data Survey remains open if you would like to complete any other sections before you use that data for trending analysis against your upcoming 2020 data.  If you need assistance accessing your survey or your results, please contact Project Manager Sara Evans at [email protected].
The 2020 PAISBOA Annual Data Survey is on track to open for data input in mid-summer. Your participation in the survey is extremely important. Because of your high participation rates, our members receive robust data from a wide range of schools and universities, allowing you to benchmark your school against other schools by type, size, and geographic location. This collection of data provides participants with in-depth analysis of key performance indicators related to independent school  and university financial management and operations, and salaries by position.