Data Survey 2017 Deadline Looms! Have YOU Started??

The PAISBOA Annual Data Survey deadline is fast approaching. At this point, 50 schools have started their surveys. Are you one of them? If not... tick tock!!

Please remember the following:

  • There is no Early Bird Deadline, and there will be no Early Bird Reports.
  • All info for the General Survey must be entered by Friday, October 6 at 12:00 Midnight EDT.
  • Data entry for the Salary Survey must be entered by Tuesday, October 10 at 12:00 Midnight EDT.
  • You must complete the both the General Survey and the Salary Survey in order to get the Salary Survey results.

Results for the General Survey will be delivered by the end of October, with the Salary Survey Results delivered by November 13.

Don't forget to complete all parts of the survey that apply to your school, and make sure to proof your responses. The best way of catching errors is for you to take a few minutes to double check your responses on the PDF provided before you hit "Submit."

There is a Survey Support Website that can help answer your questions. The site lists general FAQs and guidance, provides a comments forum to allow you to view and answer others' questions, and includes a section to solicit recommendations for next year's survey.

Important Deadlines!
General Survey
Friday, October 6 - 12:00 Midnight EDT
Salary Survey
Tuesday, October 10 - 12:00 Midnight EDT


The PAISBOA and Measuring Success survey teams are here for you! Please contact us with questions at [email protected].