PAISBOA: Our Mission and Purpose

Take Advantage of the Power of the Flock!

PAISBOA (the Philadelphia Area Independent School Business Officers Association) is a regional association of Independent School Business Officers committed to achieving leveraged strength through group purchasing, professional development and best practices for the Business Office. Comprised primarily of a volunteer team of Business Officers working for the common good of all members, PAISBOA’s mission is to stimulate and sustain a passion for providing services and opportunities to empower Business Officers to excel.  Our purpose is to create savings in both time and money while providing useful resources and expanded knowledge to our members.

Notes From the Executive Director 

Jobs Clearinghouse

If you are a PAISBOA member school representative and would like to post a position in the PAISBOA Jobs Clearinghouse, send the job description, appropriate details, and contact information to

Please Note: Unless otherwise directed, job postings will be removed after three months.

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Long-Term Growth and Sustainability are Goals of Annual Board Retreat

The PAISBOA Board of Directors' Leadership Retreat, facilitated by Sue Petrocelli of North Wind Leadership Partners, was designed to build organizational capacity and success. Objectives for the retreat included: identifying PAISBOA's positive core; imagining what PAISBOA might do if resources were unlimited; exploring potential opportunities; assessing imminent / future threats; determining the Board's aspirations for PAISBOA; and creating a plan of action towards those goals.

Through a variety of individual, small group and whole group exercises, the Board defined PAISBOA using one word:

  • Collaborative - share best practices, information, ideas, learning, relating
  • Collective - synergy of the group
  • Tribe - hands on, engaged, passionate, loyal
  • Supportive - got your back, safe zone, no bad questions, welcoming
  • Cooperative - always there for you 
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